Southborough Library Wish List

Venmill Hybrid Disc Repair Machine
VMI Hybrid Disc Buffing Unit
Item #: WE13628920

Available from DEMCO

Cost: $2,111.10 (with MHEC discount)

Proposed by: Assistant Director
Benefit: Library can repair Audiobooks and Music CDs that cannot be replaced / reordered.

MegaChess Giant Chess Set - 37 inch King; Bundle with Giant Checkers Set and Giant Chess Board (3 items)

Available from Amazon


Proposed by: Assistant Director
Benefit: Patrons can potentially play chess 24/7, increases usage of library grounds.

SoofaSoofa Solar Powered Charging Bench 
Basic Charging Version
Used in libraries here and here.

Website and Technical Specifications

Cost: $2,800.00 

Proposed by: Library Director
Benefit: Enhances exterior seating, green energy, USB charging, could be placed at bus stop site so patrons don't just wait on lawn.

Little Free Library

Little Free Library - Book Exchange Box
First Library (Limited Edition Replica)

Cost: $500.00 (other styles available)

More information on Little Free Library website.

Proposed by: Library Director (Clinton did something similar).
Exterior dimensions: 21" wide x 24" tall x 16" deep
Made from plywood and pine
Arrives pre-built and ready to install
Pre-painted and weather-resistant; no additional painting or staining required
Installation materials (post, post topper, and installation hardware) not included

Benefit: Offsite Library Discards available to residents 24/7.